Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction –  Fall 2024 Session

Please note that the MBSR program will be offered in person as well as online via Zoom Health.

The MBSR program includes:

  • An individual interview before the start of the program
  • Nine 3-hour weekly sessions, plus one 1/2-day weekend retreat if online (10 sessions in total)
  • Small groups of 12-14 people
  • Homework – approximately one hour every day, six days a week.  This includes 30-45 minutes of practice of mindfulness techniques plus 15 minutes of reading and written assignments to be completed during the week.
  • Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices
  • Gentle structure and mindful movement
  • Self-inquiry exercises to cultivate awareness in daily life
  • Group participation and dialogue
  • Individualized feedback

Groups will be offered in response to participant demand and space availability.

*Dates/times/formats subject to change session to session but there will be afternoon and evening sessions offered online and/or in person.

If you would like to add your name to our contact list, please email our office at  info@heidiwalk.com Please include your telephone number(s) and indicate your first two group choices.  Please indicate if you prefer an in-person or online offering or are available for either delivery format.

An individual intake interview will be arranged to confirm that this program is suitable for your needs.  Intake interviews are held in person in downtown Toronto. Due to a high volume of interest in the program, there may be a delay in scheduling your appointment. Your patience is appreciated.

Please note that this is a psycho-therapeutic program designed to help manage medical and/or psychological symptoms of stress, anxiety and related disorders.   This is not a general interest course.

For a referral for Dr. Walk’s program, please have a medical practitioner fill out the form below.

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Please contact info@heidiwalk.com for more information

and to add your name to the Fall 2024 list.