Conscious Living Group (MBSR II)

For the upcoming Fall 2024 session, the Conscious Living Group will be offered in-person.

  • Nine 3-hour weekly sessions
  • Approximately one third of each evening’s session will be guided mindfulness practices. These include body scans, yoga, sitting meditations, and guided visualizations.
  • Small and large group discussion on the above-mentioned themes.
  • Experiential and interactive participant exercises in self-discovery and mindfulness (in pairs or in groups – let’s make this  fun!). Please note: some pair exercises involve respectful touch.
  • Instructional teaching on needs, self-esteem, and assertiveness.
  • There is a 45-minute daily meditation practice requirement as well as a series of self-reflective exercises pertaining to the themes discussed in session.
  • Location: Mid-town Toronto


  • MBSR or meditation background
  • An intake interview and/or doctor’s referral

Referral Form 2022

If you meet the program prerequisite and would like to add your name to the wait list for the upcoming session, please contact our office at info@heidiwalk.comPlease include your telephone number.


$225 fee for materials and services not covered by OHIP.

The weekly sessions are covered by OHIP.


Please contact for more information and to add your name to the

Fall 2024 Conscious Living Group contact list.